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Asian Horror is Supreme

I am a huge fan of Asian horror. This blog is something I intend to fill up as I venture on to undergraduate college for the next few years.
This blog is focused more of as an introduction to films rather than a review, but I add in a couple of my personal thoughts just as a bonus. I create all of the gifs shown on this page, though I may occasionally reblog some from other sources.
Feel free to submit any Asian films I should check out!

Mar 24 '12

Alone is a Thai film about a surviving Siamese twin living in South Korea who flies back to Thailand to visit her dying mother. And while she’s there, she begins getting  haunted by her dead twin. Why? I can’t say or else I would spoil THE ENTIRE PLOT.

I enjoyed how unique the story line was, and the twist at the end was somewhat unexpected. The characters were not very interesting but again, this film drives at plot. The pacing is slow, and it takes quite a while for the film to introduce the characters, as there is a ton of back story. However, the story builds up the connection between the main character and her boyfriend, who have known each other ever since she was still a conjoined twin. When the twist finally comes, it gets you either out of your seat and screaming “what?! Ohmagah!” or shaking your head in disdain, muttering, “Psh, I totally knew that.”

Overall, give it a go, it’s a decent horror film, even though it’s not very scary once you know who the antagonist really is.



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