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Asian Horror is Supreme

I am a huge fan of Asian horror. This blog is something I intend to fill up as I venture on to undergraduate college for the next few years.
This blog is focused more of as an introduction to films rather than a review, but I add in a couple of my personal thoughts just as a bonus. I create all of the gifs shown on this page, though I may occasionally reblog some from other sources.
Feel free to submit any Asian films I should check out!

Oct 29 '12

Though Barking Dogs Never Bite, a Korean dark comedy film directed by Bong Joon-ho, is technically not a horror movie, it was for some reason in the horror section in Netflix, and because it is a great film, I may as well bring it to your radar. This film is a tad difficult to summarize, so according to Netflix, “Driven to distraction by a dog yapping endlessly in a nearby apartment, Yun-ju — a college lecturer who’s already stressed by his pregnant wife’s nagging and his slim chances of landing a professorship — takes action to silence the animal. Soon other dogs in the apartment complex fall strangely quiet, and the landlord’s bookkeeper sets out to find out why.” There is no central character, as the plot of the film revolves around a few seemingly unrelated but interesting characters who each have their own unique personality and goals in life.                                                                                          

                                              The story involves an aspiring humanities professor, bribery, a bookkeeper with a hunger for fame, dogs(of course), a domineering pregnant wife, a homeless man with a heart of gold, hunger for a “certain” type of meat, and sun-dried radishes.                                                  

                                                       The film is very charming, utilizing casual piano jazz music to remind viewers that it’s a comedy when things begin to seem tense or frightening. It is well paced, incredibly interesting, I highly recommend this to everyone, especially because it is no generic film but something that stands out on its own. (though I’m not sure if I’m qualified enough to say that, as I am not too familiar with the satirical comedy genre in Asian cinema.)



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