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Asian Horror is Supreme

I am a huge fan of Asian horror. This blog is something I intend to fill up as I venture on to undergraduate college for the next few years.
This blog is focused more of as an introduction to films rather than a review, but I add in a couple of my personal thoughts just as a bonus. I create all of the gifs shown on this page, though I may occasionally reblog some from other sources.
Feel free to submit any Asian films I should check out!

Nov 6 '12

Ghost Photos: The Cursed Images (2006), directed by Tadashi Shimizu, concerns a family split apart after a separation. The mother and daughter are forced to move out while the husband and son remain in the house. However, the daughter begins to receive various unsettling images containing a ghost hidden in the background from an unknown source. 

This movie is incredibly slow paced, and not much happens. In fact, there is really no plot at all. The ending does not close any plot holes or leave room for interpretation because there is nothing. Because of the heavy use of cliches, this film has numbed your sense of fear. This movie is truly a waste of time, you will get very little out of it, so don’t even bother with it.



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